What Kind Of Methods Are For Tooth Decay?

Something we have very clear is that if we have a problem with our teeth we have to do a visit to the dentist so he can help us solve it, before it becomes something more serious. And although we have very clear that this is what we have to do in case of having a problem with our teeth, it is very important that we are well informed and that we know about the dental treatments that can help us to fix the problems of our teeth and what they are so that nothing will take you by surprise when the time comes.

One of the most common problems in teeth is decay, tooth decay is a type of multifactorial disease in the teeth that deals with the destruction of the tissues of the tooth by the demineralization that causes the acids generated by the bacterial plaque. These acids are made by bacteria with the remains of food, mostly sugary foods, which are left in the teeth. Dental caries is caused mainly by poor dental hygiene, since we do not brush our teeth well and do not use dental floss. The tooth decay is responsible for destroying the enamel to later attack the dentine and reach the dental pulp producing inflammation, pulpitis and subsequently necrosis. When a person has cavities, it is necessary to attend as soon as he realizes that the tooth decay is present to avoid the inflammation that can cause apical priodontitis and that can provoke a dental absection among other things.

For this it is necessary to go to the dentist who will perform a caries removal, there are several methods according to how advanced the caries is.

If tooth decay has only damaged the enamel, the cavity will simply be removed and the patient will be told about proper oral hygiene, such as brushing teeth and flossing, and will simply be called in for a review and make sure everything is going well.

When caries affects the enamel and dentin the treatment is a little more complicated, the dentist will be responsible for removing all infected and diseased tissue. Afterwards, the tooth will be reconstructed by filling the hole with a composite resin or a composite, since these materials allow the same color to be given to the filling and adhere better to the tooth.

In the worst case, if the caries is deep and already affect the pulp, the treatment will be more complex and will require the completion of a root canal. In this treatment, the pulp chamber is reached and all the vascular-nervous tissue is extracted. Once the resulting cavity is cleaned, it is filled with a bacteriostatic material that prevents further infection. To finalize the reconstruction of the tooth, a dental crown may be necessary.

These are the methods by which a caries can be removed. It is always important to take into account that if we have any suspicion or we come to identify that some type of tooth decay may be appearing in our teeth, we should go as soon as possible to a Tijuana dentist who can help us solve this problem before it becomes in something more serious.