The tongue, an indicator to know how is your health

The oral cavity is an area that is exposed to many bacteria, and being an open area, it is possible that we can detect diseases that can put our health at risk. That is why it is important to be always attentive in this area to know if our body is not sending us a warning signal. One of the parts to which we should pay more attention is the tongue, since it is here where the highest amount of bacteria accumulates, which, in many cases, can be harmful. Because of this, Dr. Mexico dental clinic recommends that patients have a good routine of hygiene, not only pay attention to the teeth but also the tongue, gums, and palate.

Usually, the tongue may be dirty, and this is due to gastric reflux, but the sudden appearance of changes is an alarm signal to be analyzed carefully.

White tone: It can be an indication that the patient is in a level of anemia or that he lacks nutrients. To avoid this, the person must have a balanced diet where their food is composed of all the necessary elements to avoid these nutritional imbalances.

Red and smooth surface: This indicates, again, that it is necessary to increase the nutrient portion. A nutritionist can be consulted to advise the person on the optimal foods to counteract low nutrient levels.

White or red spots: This type of pigmentation is distributed over different parts of the tongue by what is known as a geographic tongue. This abnormality is associated with benign inflammation. The cause of this inflammation is not known, but it disappears after a short time. It is recommended that the patient goes to a dentist for special mouthwashes and medication if it causes discomfort.

White pigmentation on lips and tongue: This pathology is related to an infection caused by fungi and is the disease of oral candidiasis. This can also be a sign that the body’s defenses are low, so it is necessary to go to the doctor to treat the problem.

White spots on the sides of the tongue: May be associated with an infectious disease, mainly HIV. These spots are usually the first symptom of this disease because the immune system is fragile. In this case, it is necessary to go immediately to a specialist to treat the disease or to determine if it is another pathology.

Pain in the palate and tongue: These discomforts are known as burning mouth syndrome. It is specifically a disorder of the nerves in this area and is treated with particular medications.

Redness and fever: These symptoms are more common in children and may be associated with scarlet fever. This disease is treated with specific medications.

Inflammation: If the tongue is red and swollen like a strawberry, it is Kawasaki disease. This condition occurs in children around the age of five. Another sign of this disease is that the feet and hands also become inflamed.

Uniform white color: It is related to poor hygiene, so it is necessary to introduce the required products into the hygiene routine.

Although not in all cases the tongue abnormalities are not related to poor hygiene, it is essential to maintain proper cleanliness. Patients must eat a balanced diet to strengthen the body’s defenses and nutrients.