The Problem Of Seeking Physical Perfection

Nowadays, there is a constant concern about having a perfect body and a beautiful face, so plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments have tended to boom in recent years. The constant desire to obtain a body that complies with the dictates of society can distort reality in the person; this does not mean that the person has a disorder or something like that, the problem is when the individual is so focused on this factor that already causes consequences at the psychological level. It is widespread for this phenomenon to occur in teenagers because they wish that, at the moment of gratification, they can wear beautiful formal dresses in San Antonio. Similarly, this constant concern for perfection is present in adults who wish to maintain a youthful appearance

When the person already has an obsession with this type of treatment, it can already be considered a disorder called: Body Dysmorphic. This condition had not been taken so seriously, but with all the facilities that medicine has provided, people have more accessibility to them so that it can become an obsession. It has been considered that dysmorphophobia can trigger various diseases such as eating disorders, depression, schizophrenia, among others. Therefore, nowadays, this constant search for perfection has become a disease that needs to be treated with the help of a psychologist.

What is body dysmorphic disorder?

It can be defined as the excessive anxiety that a person has for their physical image, this concern is detonated in sudden mood swings and difficulties to socialize because they cling stubbornly to get an image that pleases them. So they undergo surgeries and treatments. The detail is that they are never satisfied, so they are regularly in operating rooms and spas.

It is essential to mention that what they consider as a defect is directed towards areas of the face, of the body structure, and some because of the size of the genitals. This type of individuals can generate three behavioral changes:

Avoidance- When this characteristic is present in the individual, he tends to reject certain activities that create insecurity or disapproval towards him. As are avoiding places where people gather, mirrors as they deny their image or to meet someone. This can lead to total isolation of the person, which induces depression and, in more severe cases, suicide.

Verification- Unlike the previous one, the person always seeks the approval of others and falls into an assurance behavior; that is, he needs encouraging and favorable words to praise him. This is to momentarily control their concerns about their defects.

Excess- So much is the individual’s need for perfection that cosmetic, surgical, and other treatments are continually being performed. The detail is that for whatever reason, they already want to fix it by these methods.

Subjects who present this disorder have to go to a specialist to help them get out of that crisis and, if they want to continue with that kind of routine, they have to look for alternatives that do not always involve surgical interventions, such as botox or facial fillers. It is essential to determine to what extent the person is so obsessed with a perfect body because the worries, distortions of his image perspective, self-denial and beliefs he holds, can seriously affect the individual and everyone around him.