The most performed surgery is rhinoplasty

Surgery that involves changes in the nose is called rhinoplasty. It is one of the most common and demanded aesthetic operations.

It includes a change in the nose concerning the size, a change in the shape, both on the tip and on the back, reducing the nostrils or changing the direction between the nose and the upper lip.

Although it can also treat inherited pathologies, traumatisms or blows as well as chronic respiratory problems.

When considering the idea of ​​performing nose surgery a specialized professional will guide you on the doubts and what you expect from this rhinoplasty. Since before in all consultations, you have to explain your doubts to your surgeon so he can help you and have confidence. Try not to have illusions and expectations too high.

The people who meditate the idea of ​​undergoing a rhinoplasty, in this case, is the same as in other surgeries, they are people who should think about what they are looking for in this intervention.

The critical thing in plastic surgery is to have knowledge that the search does not go through perfection, but rather through the improvement of a specific area.

The recommended patients for these surgeries are those who are aware of what they want within the real parameters as well as have a certain emotional and psychological stability, good health and precise ideas that the results will focus on improving their appearance , but it does not fulfill the function of searching and finding models in other people.


The ages become an essential factor to consider, it is not the same as an adult that a teenager of fifteen years, this still can not elaborate with precision what it looks for or wants, besides it is a point to consider the lack of physical development that can condition the times for an operation like the nose.

Rhinoplasty Tijuana is performed in the operating room as any surgical intervention, in health institutions. Although it does not become ambulatory, the duration between surgery and rest in the place does not exceed a little more than twenty-four hours.

The intervention consists of local anesthesia, although it is general anesthesia, always taking into account the reasons and circumstances of the operation.

Its duration is generally two hours, although it may last longer depending on the magnitude of the case. In more technical terms it consists in detaching the skin from the nose of its support, in working on it. This is your bone and cartilage which is the area that you really try to mold and modify.

Finally, after sculpting the area of ​​the bone, we proceed to place and expand the skin on the modified area again.

After the intervention proceeds to achieve stability of the nose with various materials (plaster). The important thing is to keep the nasal septum rigid and prevent bleeding from the nasal passages.

The vast majority of patients and having gone through a series of discomfort and visible bruising return to normal, although considering the surgeon’s instructions, such as reducing some activities especially physical, sports. Take care of the area of ​​blows and sun. All instructions that must be carried out to arrive in perfect condition after two or three weeks, although even before you can return to the activities two days after the surgery.