Nursing Home and Assisted Living – What Makes Them Difference?

If you have spent your holidays visiting an elderly loved one, you probably left them feeling worried about their safety while they live alone. It is often during the holiday season when families realize that it is about time for their elderly loved ones to finally make a move. 

However, making the right choice can become quite confusing, considering all the different options available for senior care. To help you reach a wise decision now is the perfect time to know the difference between a nursing care center and assisted living Tijuana

Understanding the Options for Senior Living 

These two kinds of communities for senior housing both focus on making sure that the elderly staying with them are healthy, safe, and happy. Both also offer support with what is called ADL or Activities of Daily Living. These include personal care, bathing, and dressing. 

Some other similarities that these two forms of communities share include the following:

  • Life Enrichment 

It is not a secret that loneliness and isolation can put an elderly at great risks for different health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Nursing care centers and assisted living Tijuana communities provide various activities for life enrichment meant to meet the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual needs of the residents. 

  • Medication Management 

Possibilities of errors with medication proved to be the main reason why seniors are brought to the emergency room. However, managing these could be a bit challenging, particularly for those seniors who need to take several medications per day. Assisted living and nursing home communities both help residents in the safe management of their medications. 

  • Secure Environment 

Although these two communities have completely different physical plans, one thing they share in common is the fact that they have been designed to ensure the security and safety of older adults. From emergency call systems, grab bars, and handrails, nursing homes and assisted living alike help their residents maintain their safety. 

  • Supportive Services 

One reason why a lot of older adults move to senior living communities is that they need help for tasks such as transportation, laundry, and housekeeping. Both nursing homes and assisted living Tijuana provide such services. 

  • Well-balanced Meals

Proper nutrition is another focus of these two forms of senior living communities. The residents can enjoy three properly balanced meals as well as nutritious snacks every day. This is a big plus for those adults who have difficulties in planning and preparing their meals at their homes. 

Differences of Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes 

  • Services and care offered in senior housing 

Nursing home residents require round the clock monitoring and care. They often live with some complex healthcare conditions that need the help of skilled nurses or speech or physical therapists and services on respiratory care. 

Assisted living community residents, on the other hand, generally, need custodial care. These can include people with memory loss and are unsafe to live alone. These can also be adults with mobility issues who need some help to move from their favorite chair to their bed. 

  • The difference in physical plan 

The most obvious difference in assisted living communities and nursing homes is their physical appearance. Although nursing care centers commonly look institutional due to the form of care given, assisted living communities are often deemed similar to upscale apartment communities.