It is recommended to brush the teeth after each meal?

From an early age, we have been told that just after each meal, it is necessary to carry out dental brushing, with the aim that the plaque in this area does not accumulate in the oral cavity. Because the excess of this element can damage the functioning of the teeth, reaching the degree of causing them to fall. Although it is true that the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the oral cavity causes havoc, how true is it that we immediately have to brush our teeth?

For years we have been left with the theory that, if we don’t get rid of bacteria immediately, these microorganisms can quickly cause tartar. On the other hand, advertising has also contributed to our following these beliefs, but many dentists in Tijuana have doubts about how convenient it is to perform this hygiene step after each meal. Many specialists in this area agree that cleaning action has to be done depending on the food, that is why dentists recommend that the person should wait for about twenty minutes. It has been observed that patients immediately brush their teeth, can damage the enamel that protects the teeth.

To understand this, we must bear in mind that the oral cavity has a PH 7, i.e., neutral. At the moment we eat, the pH of our oral cavity changes, increasing acidity levels so that the protection of the teeth decreases, and it takes approximately twenty minutes for it to return to normal. For this reason, it is recommended that the cleaning be carried out after waiting for this time so that there is no weakening of the teeth.

It is indicated that this action is carried out mainly when foods with high percentages of sugar are consumed. Before cleaning the teeth, it is important first to rinse the mouth with water, to eliminate large deposits because, if not removed before, when passing the toothbrush through the oral cavity, it can hurt the gums or teeth. Cleaning the mouth with water also compensates for ph.

Although it is important to wait before cleaning, do not forget the step of hygiene because it seeks to improve dental care. Remember that it is necessary to use toothpaste to enhance health. Many people have doubts about how much to handle. The amount of toothpaste should cover the average size of a pea because if you abuse in toothpaste is counterproductive because the person will not have the visibility to focus on the vital areas because toothpaste often causes foam.

It should always be borne in mind that, to avoid oral problems, proper hygiene should be maintained, first of all, using the waiting time for cleaning. It is followed by the brushing of teeth, this with soft movements so as not to cause injuries to the gums. The use of dental floss is essential because this will remove food deposits that remain between the teeth. The use of mouthwash can be used, but do not abuse these liquids because it can cause dryness in the cavity. Therefore, in order not to damage the tooth enamel, we must wait twenty minutes for the cleaning action to be carried out afterwards.