How an IMG Agency can Help Foreign Graduates Get their Ideal Medical Rotations through the US Clinical Experience

As an international medical graduate (IMG) with the goal to have US clinical experience and secure highly desired medical rotations from the right hospitals, under the right mentorship, and to get your much needed LORs, you are going to be competing against thousands of other IMGs who have the same goal. As you know, simply doing the research to find the best hospital for the US clinical experience and to do your medical rotations is very time consuming, as is finding accommodations, and getting all of your documents in line. This is especially hard for international medical graduates who have family obligations to tend to before leaving home for America to get the US clinical experience and the necessary medical rotations needed to help them advance forward into their career. This article is intended to help international medical graduates learn how an IMG agency can help students get the best medical rotations and beat out the competition. 

An IMG Agency Helps Students Nail Rotations in their Ideal City

While the focus of your US clinical experience is to work in the desired department that represents your specialty, and that has a supervisor you would be proud to work under while earning your LOR, location also matters because, after all, you want to work hard but have fun too. Los Angeles and Miami are top desired destinations for international medical graduates who want to work in sunny beach cultures, while Boston and New York are ideal for people who seek the big city experience. Then there are nature lovers who seek Seattle for its coastal waters and forests. All of these cities also have amazing hospitals with a variety of specialties that can appease the needs of most IMGs, but the competition will be fierce. When you partner with an IMG agency to get you a place secured at the hospital of your choice, in your ideal city, and under the leadership of your desired physician, you get faster and better results that bump you way ahead of other IMGs who work on this process independently. 

IMG Accommodations

Finding accommodations can, oddly enough, be the most challenging and time consuming part of the process that takes away tons of valuable family time. When you invest in an IMG agency to help you get your desired medical rotations, they will also help you get the best accommodations. If you want to be located as close to the hospital as possible, they can research the available properties and secure you a hassle-free spot. If you don’t mind a small commute but would rather live in a neighborhood with a lively nightlife and lots of young working people, they can also find you an apartment in such an environment. The best IMG agency will understand exactly what your needs and goals are, both professionally and personally, and help place you in the ideal living situation that will make your life significantly better.