Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Getting Veneers Tijuana

To save the cracked or decaying teeth and cure the infection, dentists drill into the pulp chamber. After that, the infected pulp will be scraped out of the root canals. Once done, the dentists will fill the cavity with the inert material and then seal up the opening. This dental procedure is better known as root canal therapy, is one of the most famous treatments besides veneers Tijuana.

By carefully removing the blood supply and nerves from the tooth, the tooth must be fitted with the right crown. That way, the prognosis of the tooth can be increased by six times.

If you are undergoing a root canal therapy, below are helpful tips you can consider before visiting your dentist.

  1. If a severe infection is present, let it subside first

If you suffer from a severe infection, just let it subside before visiting a dentist. That way, you can save from your trip to Tijuana. In most cases, this procedure is being completed on one day. However, having a severe infection means that your dentist cannot complete the root canal therapy on the same day. Going to Tijuana with infection, your dentist will only ask you to go back after a week after giving you some medications to allow the bacteria to subside.

  1. Compare the costs by adding the cost of the post and dental crown with the root canal therapy in Tijuana

Once the root canal therapy is done, your tooth will require a root canal post and dental crown. That is to seal your tooth and stabilize it while strengthening its structure. Without root canal post and crown, yours will be vulnerable to breaking.

When comparing the root canal therapy cost in Tijuana, make sure to include the price of root canal post and dental crown. Some dentists exclude the cost of root canal post in the quote, but it is less common.

After your root canal therapy Tijuana, you need to plan to get the dental crown. Most often, you will be scheduled to undergo a crown preparation in the same afternoon right after the root canal appointment. Then, you will be installed with a temporary crown before getting your final crown where you need to wait between 2 to 5 days.

  1. Request for post-procedure x-rays after getting your root canal done

To get a proof that your dentist performed a correct and complete root canal therapy Tijuana, make sure to get the post-procedure x-rays. Once the procedure is done correctly and completely, it means that all infections were already cleaned, and all the nerves were removed. When an issue arises in the future, you can use the x-rays to evaluate your past root canal work.

Most patients fear the root canal therapy Tijuana due to the pain that they might experience during the procedure. Good thing, dentists in Tijuana ensures that the modern root canal therapy is painless since the pain can be easily controlled. Some pain control medications can be used before or after the procedure, while lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic.