Dentistry presents innumerable aesthetic advances for a perfect smile

In current dentistry, the appearance of a good smile goes hand in hand with the health in which the patient periodically cares, in order to be in excellent conditions to carry out dental restorations in Tijuana. Perhaps a treatment that is very consulted is orthodontics, it seems that it has become famous, because more and more people come to it for perfect alignment of their teeth.

In the past these types of treatments were very common among children, but now more and more adults demand it and worry about a perfect smile. Another very requested treatment is teeth whitening, where it is always necessary not to exaggerate so  the pieces do not lose their naturalness. Treatments mentioned above are part of the advances in dental aesthetics, because like others, they can also provide a denture harmony and beauty that any patient seeks.

The specialty of dental aesthetics is to restore the appearance of dental pieces, but not before making a diagnosis and then a treatment to heal or correct certain dental problems that the patient already have. Included in the dental esthetics are the veneers, which are placed in the external area of ​​the piece, are produced to measure and do not represent a treatment too invasive, rather one could say that it is a strictly aesthetic treatment.

How to improve the appearance of the denture is different in each patient, take the proportions of the denture of that patient and even the facial with the main idea of ​​not losing naturalness in the treatment. This basically consists of adhering the veneers on the original tooth with the idea of ​​giving a much more attractive image.

Above mentioned tooth whitening is very demanded in dental clinics. It is a treatment that combines special bleaching gels with LED light from a lamp specifically made for treatment. But why is this so much demanded? The reasons may be for patients who are not happy with the natural tone of their teeth or because of stains caused by consumption as common as that of tobacco. The aim of the treatment is to produce the opening of the pores of the tooth until it reaches the dentin in order to reach a much whiter color.

Another frequently requested treatment is that which is linked when between the teeth there are certain spaces, which in many cases cause the patient discomfort and insecurity. This aesthetic problem is called a diastema, the cavity is larger than the size and number of teeth. The idea of ​​this treatment is to proceed to the closure of these so unattractive spaces. To carry out this closure, veneers are used that give a perfect appearance to your teeth.

When there are treatments linked to infections and pathologies in general caused by caries, more direct treatments are carried out to end up with a dental disease that is cavities. The important thing is to take care not to get too far with these cavities so as not to have to go through a procedure on the pulp. The world demands more and more competition and appearance plays an important role, the teeth and the ideal of a smile does not escape from it.

A restored smile conditions any situation because it is in a place on your face that generates immediate interest. Showing a harmonious smile can condition life for good or for bad. Treatments after a dental disease or pieces that have undergone significant alterations due to multiple causes have had for several years, complex and attractive advances that are based on the innovation of materials with lead to many treatments that can be carried out and are responsible for producing an evident improvement in appearance.

The aesthetic restorations in the teeth range from the veneers to close spaces made of porcelain, crowns and the use of resins for teeth. Dental crowns, composite resins, veneers, whitening, orthodontics are the many treatments and esthetic restorations that are produced daily, in which the use of materials away from metal have modified the results and restorations of dentures. The harmony of a smile today is as demanding as any other requirement of an aesthetic nature. For these reasons, dentistry does not stop in its progress, it has more than enough reasons to offer more and better solutions.