Common Diseases In Older People

The old age is one of the most complicated stages for human beings and is that in this adult period, the body tends to have health and physical problems that considerably hinder the welfare of the person. The older adult needs a lot of care, which is why many relatives decide to host their oldest family members in places where they can live an assisted living in Rosarito Mexico. This is so that within these facilities, the person can be monitored. Let’s remember that when the body is aging, there are many possibilities that the person has health problems such as:

Arthritis: This is a common disease in old age and is an inflammation of the joints that causes pain and stiffness in the bones. This is due to wear on the cartilage belonging to the joints. The excess wear caused by rubbing between the bones can damage the membrane that protects the joints, causing this part to become inflamed and hinder the movement of hands. This disease can be a sequence of age, injury in the area, factors such as obesity, family history, or age. Recent research has determined that women are more likely to develop this disease.

Diabetes: It is definitely not a disease that only occurs at this stage, but it is common for older adults to have it. People who present this pathology can suffer different symptoms according to the type of diabetes. Older adults must have medical tests to determine if they have or may have diabetes, or blood samples, urine, or others. Due to all diseases that can be originated by diabetes, there must be a control of the pathology, with the objective that the person lives in a complete treatment that stops the growth and the worsening of the disease.

Alzheimer’s: Also known as senile dementia, it is a disease in which the cells belonging to the brain degenerate and die, causing the decrease of thoughts and the ability to retain the information processed in the brain. Since it is a process in which the person can be perplexed, it is necessary always to be accompanied because those adults who do not pay attention, tend to social isolation, depression, and delusions. This disease can be related to factors such as age, genetics, some syndromes, trauma, among others. Although no cure can eliminate the disease, it is recommended that people who care for older adults try to perform activities that allow brain stimulation.

Hearing problems: This is one of the most common problems of older adults. It is believed that more than half of the elderly have this problem; this may cause the person to have difficulty understanding with others, cause them frustration, or may not be aware of what is happening around them, which can endanger their life. If the person has this difficulty, the doctor may recommend special hearing aids to help improve the sound to the ear.

Visual problems: Due to wear and tear on body functions, older adults may have difficulty with their eyesight. Some of the issues that can present are related to myopia, tired sight, cataracts, glaucomas, among others. Therefore, it is recommended that the adult always have the assistance of a doctor to help determine the reason why they are losing their sight.

Due to all the diseases that the old present, it is crucial that they always have some advice or the help of people who can monitor them at all times.