Causes That Make It Necessary To Place Artificial Crowns, Differences Between Their Materials

The composition of a dental piece consists of an internal part, not visible, and an external part, which is the visible part. But that part of the tooth, the external and visible part is the one necessary to eat food. For these reasons, it is necessary to take care of it and perform an effective treatment on that part that is weakened. To solve it you can count on the crowns to give sufficient strength to the outside of the tooth, making it resistant and as rigid as possible to have a denture in perfect condition. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the root that is below the gum is natural, so the crown can be natural, but if there is inevitable damage and subsequent treatment, an artificial crown can be necessary.

What are the artificial Dental Crowns Tijuana, descriptively can be defined as a cover for the tooth. To give a natural appearance, they are composed of materials different from the natural composition of the denture. The most remarkable thing is that it consists of a material with a tonality similar to natural teeth and has effective duration to replace in a lasting way. The precise moment to acquire an aesthetic and functional treatment of a crown is the moment when the tooth goes through an extensive process of different treatments that were taking away its strength and its consequent loss of dental tissue.

A series of conditions are those that produce the main reasons in which this kind of treatment is needed

  • In pieces that have lost strength, are in weak conditions or have a dark coloration.
  • On broken teeth that no longer facilitate or allow any type of reconstruction.
  • On any of the pieces that have suffered some type of wear due to some pathology or simply whose reasons are due to the mistreatment of the teeth in the daily habits.

They are also used in the placement of implants, to cover the external part, which is visible, after the placement of a new root, which is the implant.

The most used materials and the ones that give confidence for their durability can be mentioned those that have a commercial permanence for a long time. Among these materials are the metal/porcelain crowns, composed of two different parts, the external porcelain, and the non-visible metal. This combination gives the security of achieving strength and solidity and on the other hand a perfectly natural appearance to the tooth. In the market, there are also those of a stronger and aesthetically natural material, the zirconium. They have a durable and strong structure, achieving at the same time being less rigid but giving it a verifiable resistance over time.

Added to this has a more than perfect aesthetic because its appearance is the most natural of all, its only disadvantage that to access this treatment must be taken into account that its value is higher. Another material to consider are the resin crowns, it is a softer material than those mentioned above. This does not have the virtues of metal/porcelain crowns or zirconium crowns, they are also quite different from the natural enamel of a tooth. In general, it is used as a temporary crown, this means that the material and the crown that is used to be placed at the moment of transition it’s just temporary, until the final crown is placed, for whatever treatment. An implant or to reinforce a piece that suffered some pathology and required the indicated treatment.

The duration of an artificial crown depends on several factors, although the most important is related to the type of daily care that is done, such as good hygiene and periodic reviews. Both an artificial and natural crown demand the same attention, bacterial plaque is a threat in both cases, so it is necessary to protect them and prevent plaque as if it were a natural crown. It is advisable to monitor the state of the tooth under the crown and check that it is in optimal condition. To continue with these behaviors, hygiene, and prevention, the state of the artificial crowns that you need to place will have resistance and durability in time more than enough.