Can Implants Cause Health Problems?

People who usually resort to dental implant treatment is because the health of the teeth was affected by some disease that was not controlled in its time. It is also indicated for elderly people who can no longer chew. It is essential to understand that it is not just a series of artificial teeth that are placed using a screw or some movable piece; it is specialized care that involves this process.

These types of implants are quite resistant and durable products that, when placed inside the oral cavity, have to be of the best quality. Before being placed inside the area, the patient must be submitted to treatments in which it is tried to eradicate the health problems so that at the moment of placing the implants, it is not covered only with this treatment. Those patients who undergo this implant procedure have a success rate of 94%, this means that few individuals have problems after placing the implants.

Although the percentage of error is minimal, problems can arise in the healing process, this is because the area where treatment is to be carried out is infected. Another reason is that the dentist did not make the correct measurements and evaluation to determine that there was not enough bone to place or hold the screws. Finally, the last reason such a procedure may fail is because of the wrong surgery.

The dentists mention that these failures in the implants are due to an inflammation around the implant that causes the amount of bone to be lost; this problem is known as peri-implantitis. This condition is hugely related to poor hygiene that causes the plaque bacteria to accumulate in this area and thus become inflamed or by a corrupt process when commenting to place the implants.

To avoid these conditions that damage not only the treatment but also the health of the patient, it is essential to visit the dentist continually, to have a process of maintenance to this type of dental treatment. Patients should understand that the implant procedure is expensive, but it is much more costly if a problem arises in the recovery process. That is why the particular emphasis is placed on the visit with the specialist.

Implant Care Recommendations

Many people are afraid that when they chew on the implants, they may fall off, but that is not the case. It is recommended that you usually chew, without this fear because these implants are attached with screws.

Hygiene is vital to keep the implants in good condition. It is necessary for people undergoing this treatment to wash their mouths after each meal so that all bacteria deposited in the oral cavity can be removed. The dentists at the border will advise the use of special brushes that will allow improving the cleanliness since, thanks to the shape of this brush, it is possible to brush areas that are difficult to reach with a standard brush.

Visits to the dentist are necessary; the specialist will indicate how many times it will be essential to go. This is to keep track of the treatment and the entire recovery process.

Things you shouldn’t do

It is important not to chew hard products on the side where the implants were placed, you should avoid opening products with the teeth as they can damage their function.

Smoking is prohibited because it can alter the process of implant recovery and the health of the person.

Patients should always take into account the complications that exist with this treatment and choose the right specialist so that there is better confidence that this procedure will last for many years.