Body Behavior After Weight Loss Surgery

The ease with which people can acquire unhealthy food has caused a large percentage of the world’s population to suffer from problems related to poor nutrition. Of the alterations that the individual can obtain concerning ingesting foods that are not healthy, it is the excess of fat inside the organism of the individual. It should be borne in mind that people who are overweight can significantly impair the quality of their lives.

Currently, obesity is one of the diseases with the most global presence, as mentioned by the WHO, does the same human cause the epidemic. And is that it is already a disease that can occur at an early age, to the extent that Mexico is ranked first in childhood obesity. For this reason, particular emphasis has been placed on trying to eradicate this disease that causes various difficulties in different organs of the body.

One of the most common treatments that people with this problem come to is to perform some surgery, mainly to the gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Individuals who suffer from this problem resort to this type of procedure when, although they exercise, they do not achieve the desired results. The objective of this operation is that the person can lose excess weight and reach an Ideal Body Mass Index. It is essential to keep in mind that, at this point, the person may already suffer from problems related to obesity. So it is necessary that surgeons can previously have an idea about how accelerated are the ailments.

Another objective, apart from weight loss, is to reduce the consequences of obesity and lower body mass percentages. This may be a process that does not always have a quick effect, but results will be obtained. It has been observed that people who undergo this type of surgery have changes in metabolism as a result of the procedure performed. Similarly, there are modifications in the patient’s bile acids and intestinal microbiota.

It is widespread for all people who undergo this type of surgery to consider that they will suffer changes in their body, both physically and internally.

Endocrinologist system: All the operations that have the purpose of the patient losing weight, limit the percentages of the amount of food intake, causing the person to satisfy the sensation of eating faster. That is to say; there are alterations in the ghrelin hormone and other hormones; this does not mean that these modifications are harmful.

Emotional conditions: Due to alterations in hormones, it is normal that after this type of surgery, the person suffers changes in their mood. This is because the body is leveling the hormones, so it is a state that disappears. It has been seen that after this leveling, individuals tend to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Skin: This organ can suffer aesthetic problems due to surgery, mainly because there is excess skin due to weight loss. It is also common for the skin to become dry and flaky.

To conclude, it is crucial that the person who wishes to undergo this type of surgery is always advised by an excellent surgeon who conveys confidence and can clarify all the doubts that may arise regarding the treatment. That must exist a follow-up of the patient, to improve the nutrition and motivated to do exercise.