Are There Complications In Weight Loss Surgeries?

For a long time, people have chosen to undergo surgeries focused on weight loss, mainly when there are complications in fat loss. In the industry of bariatric surgery in Mexico, there are many operations, and as well as benefits can be obtained. Patients and surgeons themselves need to know that complications can also arise that can damage the appearance or health of patients who have undergone such surgeries. In this article, we will focus primarily on one of the most popular and major surgical procedures performed worldwide, bariatric surgery.

Which people can have the most complications from surgery?

Before a person can undergo this type of surgery, the surgeon in charge must analyze the medical history in detail to check if no disease could make the patient’s health difficulties and the same procedures that the surgeon will perform. Similarly, there should also be a detailed observation of the physical state in which the person is to determine if he or she is a possible candidate. It is true that many times, even if these protocols are carried out, there may be post-surgical difficulties, mainly in patients who present:

High rates of obesity. Although the purpose of bariatric surgery indeed is to help these patients, there must be an exceptional follow-up since it is more common for this type of person to present difficulties due to the state the person is in.

Older people. When we refer to older people, we are not necessarily referring to the elderly but to those patients who are in their 50s and above. Remember that as the years go by, the body loses strength, so recovery from any surgery is usually much slower. That is why patients who are between this age must take into account that it will be necessary to implement a more extensive care regime.

Patients with diabetes. People who have this disease are usually patients who will require intensive care, mainly because the healing of these people is slower, so they may have infections. To avoid this, it is advised that there is a person who can help the patient in terms of the diet and hygiene that should be implemented.

What are the immediate complications?

Some complications can occur immediately after surgery. That is why many clinics or hospitals specialized in the subject of weight loss surgeries; offer stays so that the patient can be monitored for a few days. Some of these complications are:

Although they are all problematic complications, many surgeons say that one of the most dangerous is a leak, which, if not detected in time, can lead to the death of the patient. That is why it is so important that before going to any surgeon, the person should investigate who are specialists in these procedures, since the leakage may be due to the surgeon’s inexperience.

What are the symptoms of a leak?

First, the patient may have tachycardia, pain in the abdominal area, increased breathing rate, decreased amount of urine, and fever. While it is true that many people after surgery may experience stomach pain or some of these symptoms, many times, it is normal, but it never hurts to have your doctor make sure it is not due to a leak. If this is the case, immediate action is needed.